This is why…


The “Open Space Regulations Review Committee” of Fairfield’s Conservation Commission is recommending that off-leash access for families across the Town’s public open space areas be revoked.

Here are 24 seconds, which show a sadly rare occurrence: what appears to be a sudden abandonment of consuming, near-paralyzing anxiety… an abused dog ordinarily afraid to leave the house; who sometimes, has to be forced from the car.

24 seconds: of what most would describe as “happiness.”

This is my family.
This is my life.
This is what yesterday, today, and every day, is built around...

…This 24 seconds made me laugh.

Then, swiftly—as I knew it would—this 24 seconds yielded to tears. For him.

Good tears, though.

I hold on to this “less-than-a-minute,” and keep this video in my phone. I’ve watched it more than I can count.

I am doing something right. This turned into a scarce, good day.

Fleeting, perhaps… but, he was actually “happy.”

This is my life.

I look around. We are doing no harm.
I’m frustrated… I pay a lot of taxes, and get little of what I value, in return.

I will fight for this.”