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Fairfield Beach Access
is a networking and
information sharing group
formed to enhance the community environment for people who enjoy outdoor recreation with their ENTIRE family: which includes their devoted and honorable dogs.


While we focus on ensuring long-term stability of the
Town's beach policy...

we also work to protect access for families with dogs in Fairfield's public open spaces. 


In the latter, our group has endorsed local constituent initiatives before the Town's Representative Town Meeting (RTM) to keep those public open spaces accessible—and safe—for our dogs, opposing the introduction of hunting within these properties in 2009; and working to incorporate an evenhanded, respectful, and common-sense approach to negotiating changes in the Town's open space leash law (2018).


Our objectives include improved education and awareness for both dog guardians and the non-dog guardian community; and to maintain recreation zones on Fairfield beaches and in public open spaces for families to enjoy responsibly with their dogs.

Whatever your opinion, we invite you to join our dialog: 
we are committed to put an end to the caricaturing and disparagement that can color this issue with needless political undertones; and seek to build communication channels that will facilitate creative and pro-active problem solving for this and future seasons.

We are committed to put an end to the caricaturing and disparagement of others that can color this issue with needless political undertones...”

With gracious permission:  Carol Saxe  (East Hampton, NY),  “Rainbox Adirondack Chair Tails”  (delight in more of her work at: )

With gracious permission: Carol Saxe (East Hampton, NY), “Rainbox Adirondack Chair Tails” (delight in more of her work at:

We work to support acceptance of the interests and opinions of ALL who visit or live near fairfield beaches...

and to encourage enjoyment of the Town's most treasured natural resource during the winter (off) season—when it is commonly near-deserted on many days—welcoming residents and “out-of-towners” alike, to a safe and friendly communal environment for families to recreate and enjoy each other's company... (be that human or canine!)

Our primary thrust is to drive acknowledgment that there will always be competition within shared public spaces
as a necessary framework for a reasoned and balanced approach to this issue.

Our membership advocates a considerate approach that respects the legitimate concerns of non-dog guardians while preserving our rightful access to public spaces.  We are committed to enriching the quality of community life in Fairfield and the town's reputation across the county and tri-state area, through: responsible dog guardianship, open and respectful communication, and by nurturing goodwill between dog guardians and others.


Among our goals are to:

  • Promote responsible dog guardianship;

  • Protect our resources on public lands;

  • Advocate responsible dog management rules and policies;

  • Inform dog guardians about current and proposed policies, and encourage compliance with enacted rules;

  • Act as liaison between Town of Fairfield government, the community, and dog guardians;

  • Combat over-politicization of Town of Fairfield dog management rules and policies, and work to ensure the long- term stability of Town of Fairfield's beach access metrics;

  • Become a resource in dog related issues, and educate the dog guardian community regarding respect for the diverse and reasonable viewpoints of non-dog guardians.


The off-leash beach is something original and splendid...

Snoopy: exploring the post-Katrina "wrack"

Snoopy: exploring the post-Katrina "wrack"

who we are

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Lucy: never more "free," than at the beach

Lucy: never more "free," than at the beach

why the off-leash beach?

Healing the wounds of isolation: a community that re-defines what "Friends" and "Neighbors can really mean.

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